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House concerts

We regularly host nationally touring artists for
intimate performances!

Renowned artists 
Intimate setting 
Unique experience

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We give 100% of donations from house concerts directly to the artists. 

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Why do I need to make a reservation?

We are members of Folk Alliance International. By being members, FAI takes care of all BMI/ASCAP performing rights, saving us quite a bit of money and headaches, as well as supporting our performing artists! In return, we agree that we will not post our address, relying instead on email lists and, you guessed it: reservations. Our artists count on those reservations to get an idea of what they'll make at the concert, so it's important to either show-up(!) or if you must cancel, get your donation to us for the performer(s). 

Where's the address?

Once you make a reservation - if you're a first-timer, we'll send you the address!

What happens at a house concert?

Magic. You are going to experience music in its purest form with no detracting sounds and sitting just feet away from the performer. It's an intimate setting like no other. We usually feature two sets of music (45 min. & 30 min), with a snack break in between sets. We STRONGLY encourage you to bring some snacks or desserts to share - this is a communal experience. Get ready for a very special evening of music that you'll want to experience again and again with our national touring artists!

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Coming up at Harmony Hideaway:
Downtown Charlie Brown w/Harry Binford

Delta and Chicago Blues at Harmony Hideaway

Sunday, June 2nd, 7pm

$20 donation to the artists

Charlie Brown (keyboard, guitar and vocals) and Harry Binford (acoustic guitar) perform the best of Delta and early Chicago blues. Harry and Charlie have been performing in the Chicago area and regionally since 2005 as a full band, and 2017 as a duo. Charlie is a real storyteller, and you will hear stories about the legendary blues artists and their songs. Did Robert Johnson really sell his soul to the devil? Come out and let Charlie tell you what really happened!

House concerts, Daniel.jpeg

Friday, June 28th, 7pm

$20 donation to the artists

If you’ve missed Daniel before, third time’s the charm! Daniel never fails to bring the house down with a combination of great songs, great playing and great stage presence. This Kentucky-based, award-winning singer/songwriter never fails to provide a terrific evening. Get your reservation in now!

Harmony Hideaway Songwriting Workshop 

with Daniel Neihoff

Saturday, June 29th 9am – 2pm (Lunch included)

Limit of 10 participants

Fee: $50


Topics will include (more info to come):

  • Goals as a Songwriter 

  • Approach to Songwriting 

  • Standard Writing Process 

  • Rules of the Trade 

  • Ways to beat Writers Block 

  • Introduction to Co-writing 

House concerts, David.jpeg

Saturday, July 27th, 7pm

$20 donation to the artists

“Born and raised in rural central Illinois, David Singley is a singer- songwriter- guitarist living in Saint Paul, Minnesota, whose music is born of the street, the country, and the academy. An experienced veteran with decades of backing world-class artists and performers, he has recently joined the “Great Resignation” and set his sights on his own artistic pursuits. His music evokes the golden era of the singer-songwriter: the late ’60’s and early-to-mid ’70’s; with its chameleonic stylistic twists and turns, as well as its memorable melodies and insightful, poetic lyrics. His music expresses a point-of-view that is at once highly personal and triumphantly global. His voice evokes traces of many of his influences: James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Jackson Browne, Dan Fogelberg, and many others. His guitar playing is at once highly focused and passionate, impressive yet always absolutely appropriate to the song at hand.” This is David’s second visit to Harmony Hideaway – and our final, scheduled house concert of 2024. Don’t miss David!

A few of the artists who have performed with us:
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